Fame Kills Exhibit + Fashion Show

Fame is a destructive force that many of us endure, not withheld just for celebrities. Any increase of attention can prove harmful, leading to more pressure and unwelcome exposure to private matters. We intend to investigate the effects of this force, the theme of the exhibit.

May 31st

7pm to 9pm: Art Exhibit – June 6th
Front space : illustrations
Main space : paintings

9pm to midnight: Fashion Show

Showcasing fashion, textile and printed graphic design on apparel from local artists

Chris Austin
Mony Zakhour
Jeannie Priscila
Adam Gabourie
Tim Skynz
David McDonough
Jayden Hardie
Laura Elliot
Zahra Salesi
David Hoover
Alana Ratcliff-Lake
Vini Nascimento


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