Started in November 2010, Creatures Creating began as a series of events which featured emerging musicians, artists and comedians.

The popularity and frequency of these events very quickly, and maybe prematurely, lead us to open our first physical location, which focused on retail, exhibits and events.

We then moved to open a space which allowed for full-time art studio and rehearsal space, along with a store front art gallery.

April 2014 we decided to close our doors and go back to our roots by travelling the concept all over the world.

We aim to share our experience and find other professionals to discover their stories in hopes it will aid an emerging artist that stumbles upon us and help creative creatures to create.

Through highlighting professionals in the art community, we aim to help develop the careers of emerging artists.

Interviews, showcases and visits; including galleries, studios, businesses and events.

Seasonally curated events; including art exhibits, life drawing, concerts, performances and more.

Collaborative projects and open call for submissions.

A quick look through of our space at 822 Dundas Street West, featuring our gallery front, the back studios which held a dozen painters and the basement rehearsal space that accommodated 24/7 band practice.