every child is an artist. the difficulty is remaining an artist as they grow up.

-Pablo Picasso

The Concept

The Picasso Project seeks to explore the general public's interaction with art and the path that may have skewed them away from regular involvement as seen from their childhood. Creativity is squarely found in humans, and unlike other features which aid our evolution, it exists purely to express ourselves in a manner which stands outside of Darwinism. Everyone has the capacity to appreciate art and this project aims to explore the factors that may manipulate peoples understanding of that; including judgement from others, lack of time, education and/or wealth hierarchies.

The Execution

A large canvas and sketchbooks will be set out with an artist on site to help encourage the public to contribute anything creative, preferably something they made as a child. Participants are interviewed, examining their path from creating art as a child, and then their piece and portrait is documented which is available online.

At the end of the project the communal mural will be showcased in an art gallery, making every participant an exhibiting artist. The artists that participated with the project will exhibit their artwork along with the mural, and portraits of unique subjects with their responses.

The Picasso Project is a non-prot initiative. Along with our curatorial mission, the project aims to increase the public's involvement with the art community and the exposure of local emerging artists. Initiating the project requires materials and artist fees to be covered. Different sites will be visited all over the world, and further funds will be generated from donations which will go towards the venue hosting the art exhibit.

Sites will be promoted via the project website and social media. The following is forecast to increase at an incredible rate, with a projected goal of 100 participants for each site, and over 10 sites scheduled to be visited for each city. The printing of promotional items, which will further aid the growth and coverage of the audience. As seen with similar projects, a rate of three likes per participant is expected. Realistic goals place the number of followers by the end of the project at 2500.

The following will grow as the project evolves to include more sites, different cities, and more advantageous avenues, including limited edition photo books, video series and televised events.

Our current online following reaches upwards of 3,000 and our website receives over 25,000 unique visitors monthly.

This project expects a drastic increase in social media followers and virtual foot traffic. Physical contact will be made with a projected 1000 people, which printed promotional material will be distributed to.

If you are interested in contributing as a donor or a corporate sponsor, please email us at info@creaturescreating.com.


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