Call For Submissions

“Deep City Breaths”

City inspired illustration show featuring several local Toronto artists, showcased at the highly receptive Liberty Market Lofts Gallery Space.

Please email no more than 3 pieces of work to info(at)

Submission deadline is September 10th.

Confirmed artists are subject to a $40 installation fee, due upon artwork drop-off, September 14th.


Think outside the trash can.  Utilizing cast-off materials in the creation of decorative and functional artwork, this exhibition explores the concept that works created from recycled materials are carriers of memory, containing vestiges of their former function into the new art pieces.

“The possibilities for raw materials are endless, as is the potential for artwork being created.”

View more information on the Liberty Market Lofts Gallery.


Vigour and Candour; Uninhibited Abstraction

The study of colour, light, texture and harmony through the truthful, open perspective by a group of artists. Showcasing the works of:

Up and Out Exhibit

We are transforming all of Toronto in to the worlds largest art gallery by installing fine contemporary artwork to the exteriors of store fronts.

Visual artists of any discipline are welcome to submit artwork to be selected among 12 artists to be exhibited in a particular neighborhood and have art postcards be printed and distributed for free all over Toronto. An amazing opportunity to drastically increase your exposure and receive much media attention.

1000 for 10

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe IT’S BACK!!!

Submit as many pieces as you’d like, no size restrictions, no theme needed, any medium and style welcome. Just ensure that the work is worth $10!

No commission taken from sales.

The Online Bazaar

Space is limited for each category or type of vendor. If you are interested in having a virtual table at our Online Arts Bazaar please email us.

For more information, check out the page.

Fame Kills

Fame is a destructive force that many of us endure, not withheld just for celebrities. Any increase of attention can prove harmful, leading to more pressure and unwelcome exposure to private matters. More information to be updated.

May 31st 7pm to 9pm: Art Exhibit – Front space showcasing illustrations, main space showcasing paintings.

9pm to midnight: Fashion Show – Showcasing fashion, textile and printed graphic design on apparel from local artists

Submission deadline May 21st

Artwork drop off May 27th 5pm to 8pm at 824 Dundas St West

Artist fee $30


In response to the recent violation of our artists and our home, we have received an outpouring of uplifting support from you, the community. Your solidarity has meant more to us than we can possibly say, and for that we are infinitely grateful. The question which we continue to be asked is this:

How can I help?

Our coming exhibition, Resolve/Recovery, aims to focus on our determination to continue moving forward while also acknowledging the need to recover. Our fundraising efforts will be allocated to the artists whose work has been stolen, as well as towards strengthening the security of the gallery and studio spaces. We wish for this experience to make us stronger, and that can happen with your help.

We call to you, the artists of our community, to join us for an exhibition which will show our resolve. We invite you to donate works of art which will be sold for $25 with the proceeds going towards our recovery.

If you are not an artist but would still like to show your support for the Creatures, join us for the exhibition to purchase incredible local talent or consider clicking here to help us in our fundraiser.

“… we also wish to express our resolve, and our strength. Adversity is a badge we wear with pride. We have been tempered. We stand together.”


We have been supporting emerging artists for the past three years, and with a new year comes a new wave of artists we’ve yet to feature. We’d like to open our doors to artists we’ve yet to have exhibit and expand the talent that is showcased at Creatures.

Submit as many pieces that can fit 6’x6′, no particular size restrictions, no theme needed, any medium and style welcome.

Submission fee is $20. 25% commission taken from sales. Confirmation deadline February 7th, 2014. Pieces to be submitted by February 18th, 2014.

More details to be announced. Submit via


Day of the Dead

A group exhibition focusing on the dark, macabre and downright spooky; a celebration of the Day of the Dead.

All mediums welcome. Submission fee is $25. Commission from sales is 25%. Deadline October 21st, 2013

The Arts Bazaar

A transformation of the gallery to a full market place. We’re looking for vendors willing to sell, trade or barter and individuals providing a service for sale, trade or barter. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, massage, tattoo, barbers, etc are all welcome to partake.

Participation fee is $20. No commission taken from sales. Deadline October 11th, 2013. Attendance during pop-up is not necessary.