Andre Kan


 Selected Group Exhibitions

2013, Optic Elixer III, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto

2013, The 5th Annual OCADSU Retrospective Show, OCADU, Toronto

2013, The Global League International Exhibition of Professional & Emerging Artists, Montreal Arts Centre, Montreal, Quebec

2013, OCADU Grad ex, OCADU, Toronto

2013, Sheridan vs. OCAD, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto

2013, Windows & Doorways (An Exploration of Memory through the Reconstruction of Space and Time), Brockton Collective, Toronto

2013, The Red and White Ball Exhibition, The Court House, Toronto

2013, Fatal Abstraction, Project Gallery, Toronto

2013, A Collected Exhibition of Emerging Toronto Artists, 222 Creative Collection, Toronto

2013, Vertical Integration, Project Gallery, Toronto

2013, Experiencing Perspectives, Mercedes-Benz Financial, Mississauga

2013, Perpetual Motion, Project Gallery, Toronto

2013, Summer Emerging Artist Exhibition, Gallery 1313, Toronto

2013, MUSE, Moniker Gallery, Toronto

2013, Urban Angst, Norman Felix Gallery, Toronto

2013, Abstract Implications 3, Gallery 1313, Toronto

2013, Abstract Implications 3 (Round Two), Project Gallery, Toronto

2013, Collective Unconscious, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto

2013, Thirteen (Members Exhibit), Gallery 1313, Toronto

2013, Let There Be Art 4, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto

Solo Exhibitions

2013, New Work, (Cell) Gallery 1313, Toronto

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