Art Battle is a live painting competition organization, and for the past few years have been exposing artists all across Canada. July 26th marks the finals championship, held at the old Maple Leaf Gardens, now the Ryerson Athletic Centre. Nearly 3000 visitors will vote for their favourite single artist over 20 competitors painting for the grand prize!
The Brockton Collective is among the many art spaces that have moved from their material location to explore the nomadic sense and travel their artists to further develop their profession. This rationale is researched whether a physical location is necessary or even beneficial for any emerging artists.

November 2010 Creatures Creating was born with the intent to stir a dialogue among the general public regarding their involvement with the arts community and increase exposure of emerging artists of all fields.

Since then, we have explored nomadic art parties all over Toronto, three locations opened serving primarily as an art gallery and studio space and participation in several festivals, crawls, and events.

While our approach has varied to the point of confusion, our mission has remained the same. As we've grown, so has our focus. We serve all emerging artists of all fields as an online resource to advance themselves professionally. We hope by visiting us you will learn tips from established art professionals to better yourself and be exposed to a whole world of new art of many different disciplines. Enjoy.

To express oneself through the means of art is a purely human trait. There is no other reason why humans make art other than the sake of creating art. There is no survival advantage, but this ability is still the key factor that allowed us to reign superior in the animal kingdom. The Picasso Project aims to explore the idea we all are artists, and ask "Did you think you would stop creating when you grew up?"
Artist Andre Kan and recent OCAD Alum brings together several of his contemporaries for the first time in this thoughtful curatorial project "Maybe Memories." Showcasing very different and personal ways of expression, this exhibition explores the artists’ desire to capture and reflect their experiences through the lens of their own psychology." - Yellow House Gallery

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