An open letter to the Community,

We have, as a collective, been through many things together. Moves, renovations, highs and lows. These days ups outnumber the downs; we have come into our own. Solid, present and real, we have moved through our state of transition, our previous immateriality and any lack of substance to this new incarnation. However.

We have been violated.

Our space, our home, was invaded in the wee hours of February 13th, 2014. Our property was destroyed in order to gain access to the studio and gallery areas of Creatures Creating. The intruder (or intruders) absconded with no less than four pieces of work from our members, and attempted to remove additional works from the premises. Our current exhibition, from which several pieces were stolen, sought to explore the archetype of the starving artist. We invite you all to read our curatorial statement, which can be found on our website, but will provide for you a short excerpt;

“We strive to move forward, outward from the constraints of both money and time in order to create works which can resonate throughout our communities”

This body of work, from emerging members of our tight knit community, expressed our dedication and love for our craft. The stolen paintings are not mere objects, they are our livelihood; the products of significant investment of not only money and time but of ourselves. This is what has been taken from us.

We, the collective members of Creatures Creating, wish to express our deep sense of loathing and disappointment in our violators. We also wish to express our resolve, and our strength. Adversity is a badge we wear with pride. We have been tempered.

We stand together.


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